The second installment of my blog about the amazing trip to Mauritius I begin with a morning breakfast on the beach at Lux Belle Mare..


Oh yes seriously close your eyes think flip flops off, bare feet in white sand, warm water, with sunshine beating down on you. Laid out on our breakfast table we got to enjoy fresh coconuts, champagne, exotic fruit like papaya, pineapple and passionfruit the size of your palm. With continental options like croissants , pastries, charcuterie and cheeses for breakfast they also do crepes (french inspired) or eggs whichever way you want.




We got the chance to eat at EAST restaurant within Lux Belle Mare for lunch, it’s predominantly a Chinese menu that they showcase here, the menu was a taster sample a selection of dim sum, seafood soup, spiny lobster with broccoli, deep fried chicken, fish hot pot, live handmade noodles, fried rice with Chinese sausages and shrimps. For dessertginger and lemongrass creme brulee, pomelo and coconut tapioca and green tea ice cream.


Starting off with a delicious coconut milk virgin cocktail that was not too creamy to drink mixed with coconut water, a great virgin cocktail option or the lemongrass cocktail, vibrant and fragrant.



Dim sum is really popular as a starter or “gajack” in Mauritius, Chinese restaurants are very common around the island as locals love heading out to eat Chinese food in particular! These were filled with shrimps, prawns mainly and served with chilli sauce.



The fish hot pot was the best I have tasted so far, the fish is perfectly cooked in a chilli oil mixture, at some point I think I either inhaled too much of the spice but was left with a numb mouth. Still my fault however it didn’t stop me eating this… Flaky & beautifully spiced fish.



Next we got to watch Chef demonstrate hand pulled noodles, which took about 5 minutes or so.. super quick and expertly done. He rolled and flattened out the noodles, before creating thin noodles for our next course. A less spicy dish of noodles with seafood was comforting.




Dessert was upon us but not before this lovely duo serenaded up with some funked up freestyle acoustic music and singing about enjoying our stay on the island, lovable characters!


We got a trio of delicious mini treats but my favourite was the pomelo with coconut tapioca, little small pellets of sago or tapioca which were creamy, jelly-like with the taste of coconut milk and the pomelo added extra tang.

Flacq Market


Visiting Flacq market is a must do on a trip to Mauritius if staying on the East coast of the island.  This is a bustling fruit and veg market for locals, with noisy bartering, the exciting busy vibe of this Sunday morning market with wafts of salted dry fish and local produce in abundance.

photo 2jgj

We wondered in an out of the tens of lanes within the market with vendors on each side of us calling us over to buy their produce, from fresh curry powders (Mauritian, turmeric and achar/vindaye) which we bought most of to over-expensive (tourist) priced vanilla. But some interesting variety of squashes, tasty guavas, small bananas, Victoria pineapples coated in chilli sauce were available to buy.





Pudine Mais- Polenta cake served by vendors in on their bikes. We only got to spend an hour here, but it was enough to peruse the market, however they also have a food court at the back and they sell textiles in some stalls in the market.

Beach Rouge

An uber cool set up of this beachfront restaurant and bar called Beach Rouge at Lux Belle Mare, reminds me of something you would find in the Mediterranean (this I hear is down to designer Kelly Hoppen) Lit in red hues in the evening to set the ambiance, with a DJ perched in the corner filling the space with heady chilled music we sit down to a tropical inspired cocktail before perusing our menu.



Tonight we started with razor clams with beetroot sorbet, refreshingly sweet cooling red beetroot and the clams which are silky soft create a perfect light starter




The tarter was matched with fresh passionfruit, pineapple and a vanilla oil was drizzled over, which slightly overpowered the dish, but an interesting idea to flavour the oil with vanilla.



The mains consisted of poached dorado foie gras in a consomme with lemongrass , the spiny lobster in the next course was my favourite dish, you can literally taste the sea, a jus accompanied it that surprisingly need not be on the plate it served with crispy tuna and a pumpkin confit.


The final course was a Rodrigues meringue tart with a tart lemon sorbet.


To finish off my Lux Belle Mare visit I have to mention the wonderful ICI bar at the hotel that made their own ice creams, I got to sample some lychee and coconut (my favourite flavours in general) that excelled my expectations, creamy, sweet, full of fresh flavour and no additives, perfect for a stroll on a tropical beach…



Till my next post this week we will be in Reunion Island in the mountains….

Selina x