This weekend I decided to host a Curry for Change event at my home, normally I do supperclubs but on this occasion I used it as a good excuse to catch up with the family and friends while raising money for charity.

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Once I spread the word they were more than happy to take part. I decided to do a Curry Night to raise money for Find Your Feet charity, where I asked all guests to bring along one curry dish, it could be from wherever in the world they wanted and enough to feed 4 people. This led to alot of nervous jitters and excitement at the same time!

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To add a little special bonus treat I set up a mini dhall puri cookery class for everyone, I took them through filling (with a ground split pea mixture) rolling and cooking. Once we did this they all lined up to have fun learning how to flip and cook their dhall puris on the tawa (flatpan) to eat with their curries later.

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We then had a FULL table of curries that ranged from West African Peanut Curry (mine), Mauritian Lamb Curry,Vegetarian Curry, Chickpea, Sweet Potato Curry, Santula an Orissan style vegetarian curry, chana puri with chutney (vegetarian balls filled with split peas and potato), chilli cheese curry toasties, KingFish Aubergine Curry,South Indian style Chicken curry.. the list is endless!

It was a fun experience all curries were labelled but we didn’t know who made them, then we all voted anonymously for the best curry in the end it was the Chickpea, Sweet Potato Curry which was mild, creamy and full of flavour. My aunt was very ecstatic to win and receive the first prize of a book on Curries!

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So all in all a fabulous gathering, with voting to add in some healthy competition and finished off with some ragulla dessert or milk powder balls in a sugar syrup which was cousin from Mauritius had lovingly made.



We are pleased to say we raised over £200 in total from the night which is great and to know that this money will be going to a good cause to help those less fortunate. If you are able to host a curry evening or event of some sort to raise money for Find Your Feet charity do it!

The Charity: Find Your Feet

The Curry for Change campaign is led by the charity Find Your Feet, a small charity founded in 1960 helping families in Asia and Africa to build a future free from hunger, poverty and discrimination.

They work in the poorest and most remote places in India, Nepal, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Supporting rural communities in these areas because they suffer from extreme poverty, a lack of basic services and other support is scarce.Working with the most vulnerable rural families, marginalised tribal groups, women and young people. Those who have been left behind.

They enable poor rural families to grow enough food so they don’t go hungry, to strengthen their voice so they can speak out against injustice and to earn enough money so they can find their feet.

They are a small and responsive organisation that makes a big impact on the lives of the families we support. They listen and provide families with the skills, training and confidence they need to help themselves and bring a long-lasting and sustainable change.

Find out more about Find Your Feet – visit